"Ziqitza Gulf Medical Response and Ambulance Services ensures the best healthcare services to our customers 24x7 in Dubai and Sharjah. We offer the widest range of services available from one company, making us Asia’s leading integrated medical services provider. We are DHA licensed & follow International Healthcare Quality Standards in Processes and Patient management."

Ambulance Service

Ziqitza Gulf Medical Response and Ambulance Services provides non-emergency medical transport that can be pre-planned for patients in need of Inter-facility transfer & require skills of an Ambulance care assistant during the journey in Dubai. It is used for patients to, from or between places of medical treatment, such as hospital, dialysis centre, Medical Appointments for non-urgent/ emergency care. Main aim of all such transfers is to maintain the continuity of medical care. Emergency Medical Transport is for critically ill patients who need constant monitoring. Our Ambulances are equipped with heart and blood pressure monitoring equipment, pulse oximetry, IV pumps, oxygen delivery devices and advanced medication used to treat a variety of illnesses and provide pain relief. In any situations you can ensure safe, comfortable and hassle-free transfer.

These services include

  • Discharges from hospital to home
  • Inter hospital transfers
  • Transports to and from nursing homes for appointments or check ups
  • Transports to and from specialist and diagnostic centers

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We offer a range of integrated medical services including:

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