"Ziqitza Gulf Medical Response and Ambulance Services ensures the best healthcare services to our customers 24x7 in Dubai and Sharjah. We offer the widest range of services available from one company, making us Asia’s leading integrated medical services provider. We are DHA licensed & follow International Healthcare Quality Standards in Processes and Patient management."

Doctor at Home

A doctor may visit a patient at home to diagnose and treat the illness(es). He or she may also periodically review the home health care needs. Ziqitza Gulf Medical Response and Ambulance Services provides on-call Doctors at any location in Dubai. Be it at Hotels, Residences or Offices.

Who can go in for these services:

  • Patients suffering from heart ailments
  • Patients suffering from acute diseases
  • Patients suffering from seasonal flu and other viral infections
  • Patients needing infection or diabetes management
  • Elderly Patients

The benefits:

  • Having a doctor visit your home is more convenient as it saves you time, money, and the stress of traveling to the hospital.
  • With our Doctors on Call service, you do not have to wait in queues at the hospital or the clinic anymore. With the new variants in covid viruses, making a home visit appointment with a doctor can help you avoid getting exposed to viruses and infections.
  • Moreover, you can fix up an appointment as per your schedule so now there is no reason to ignore your health and symptoms due to a busy schedule. Just get in touch with us and get access to Dubai’s best health specialists right at your doorstep.
  • Also, these services are more personalized as because you are their only patient and you have the Doctor’s undivided attention.

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We offer a range of integrated medical services including:

Doctors on call

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Attendent at Home