UAE is reaching out to emergency and ambulance healthcare specialists like never before.

Prior to the pandemic, call operators handled 6,763 monthly calls on average and the number increased to 18,537 a month in 2021. (Source

People in Dubai are realizing the importance of professional care in an emergency situation than taking control of the situation by themselves and here is why you should too.

Remember how in school we used to have regular emergency drills for earthquakes & fire? The primary goal of these drills is to help create an easy to remember yet life-saving physical responses in case of a dire situation. But these do not prepare our mind to be ready for such emergency situations. Unfortunate incidents such as accidents, earthquakes, health emergencies may leave us completely perplexed that can be the difference between life and death. This is where ambulance services and trained paramedics come into picture. All you need to do is keep the ambulance emergency number handy.

Why keeping an emergency ambulance number handy is a good idea?

1. Situation handled by experts:

When faced with a critical health situation, it is always better to call an ambulance number. Apart from the ambulance being fully equipped with life-saving equipment, be it for road accidents or cardiac arrests, the paramedics too come with their own advantages. They are not only trained in the procedure of life-saving techniques but also undergo severe training for mental cognitive functions so that the emergency responses triggered by mind do not hamper the right technique that needs to be administered on the patient. A paramedic always maintains calm & composure in an emergency situation which is essential for saving lives.

2. The bystander effect:

By and large we believe that we are good Samaritans. In fact, we have survived all these years not because of being the strongest species but because of cooperation and looking after each other. But that changes when we witness an incident in a group. The term ‘bystander effect’ refers to the tendency for people to be inactive in high danger situations due to the presence of other bystanders. People tend to believe that somebody else from the crowd might take the initiative to help the victim and that leads to complete group inertia. So, whenever you witness any such incidents, remember that you might be the person to break this circle and all it would take is to call an emergency ambulance number.

3. Murphy’s law:

As humans, we are optimistic about the future and that contributes greatly to our success. At the same time, we tend to ignore the pitfalls, which many a times may undo all the good work that we have done. Murphy’s law states that ‘what can go wrong, will go wrong’. The human body at the end of the day is a machine and can suffer breakdowns no matter how well we take care of it. We might follow the best fitness schedules, the best diet, avoid alcohol and smoking & yet an event might occur that can change the course of our lives.

Take for eg: Exercise – Running is the best exercise. It is good for your heart and overall fitness. But there are instances of people suffering an attack on a treadmill due to over-exertion.

Though we cannot completely avoid such situations, we can always be prepared for it. Having an ambulance emergency number on speed dial or just saying ‘Hey Google, Call an Ambulance’ might just be the key to handling such out-of-the-blue health situations.

4. Source of First Aid:

Emergency situations require split -second decision making. When you call into emergency healthcare services, apart from the ambulance services, they will be able to understand the exact situation of the victim/patient and guide you in performing necessary CPR and other first aid techniques to handle the situation. In case of road accidents too, the first hour is considered as ‘Golden Hour’ and if the patient is provided the right medical aid in this span of time then the chances of survival increase exponentially.

5. Mobility:

Sometimes in a medical emergency situation, moving the patient may further injure the individual. This can be seen in motor vehicle accidents or falls or other trauma. The paramedics and EMS team are trained in how to extract people safely from potentially dangerous situations.

The same also applies to you. In case, you are unable to get yourself or the patient to the Emergency Department due to fall, injury or weakness or if you are too weak to get up on your own or too unsteady on your feet, it would not be a good idea to get behind the wheel of an automobile. Needless to say, it might worsen the situation.

Convinced how it is a good idea to keep an emergency ambulance number on your speed-dial? Then go ahead and tap
+971 564 226 565.

(PS: We hope you never need us).