Before the advent of hospitals, doctors & healers used to make home visits to check the patient’s condition and prescribe appropriate medicines. Today, the trend is returning to Dubai with verified Doctors consultation, latest testing equipment and collection of blood samples all made possible in the comfort of the home.

Though we cannot completely bypass hospitals, there are certain situations wherein a doctor home visit in Dubai not only helps with quick recovery of the patient but also is cost-effective.

So, without much further ado, let us dive right into it:

  • Elderly Patient Care:

    Moving through traffic & waiting hours on end at the hospital can be a daunting task for elderly patients staying in Dubai. Instead, one can arrange a doctor home visit wherein the patient is relaxed in the comfort of the home and doesn’t need to undergo any other additional stress. Moreover, the doctor can also have a look at the home environment and suggest changes, if any, that may help keeping the patient home comfortable. To book a service, you can call +971 564 226 565.

  • Post-Surgery Recovery:

    Many a times, a patient post-surgery needs to spend time at the hospital before being given discharge. With a doctor at home visit option, even the hospitals are more relaxed in signing an early release. With regular Doctor visits at home, not only the patient is in a familiar happy environment leading to quicker healing but also the hospital bills are not piling up making it economically viable too.

  • Physiotherapy:

    Sometimes, that recurring backpain, knee pain, joint pain & on and off spasms require special attention. But due to our hectic work schedule, we are unable to travel to get physiotherapy. With verified physiotherapists arriving right at your doorstep, now you can take care of your health in the comfort of your home. They may also guide you with the right doctors in case the ailment requires another expertise.

  • Care during Pregnancy:

    From diet to day-to-day operations, every pregnancy requires a different approach. It might become difficult to travel to a clinic or a hospital in such instances. With Ziqitza Gulf Medical Response and Ambulance Services, you can either get on a call with a doctor or we can arrange a visit at home as per your convenience. With this approach, the expecting mother is at ease and at the same time, her health can be completely taken care of during the trimesters.

  • Seasonal flu & other ailments:

    A stitch in time saves nine. But many a times, we let go of minor maladies thinking we will recover naturally. This is mostly due to a busy schedule making it difficult to visit a doctor at a time of their convenience. Result – We continue to suffer until finally one day we decide to visit a doctor as the pain/trouble becomes unbearable. Ziqitza Gulf Medical Response and Ambulance Services turns convenience in your favour as you can arrange a telephonic call or a doctor visit at home as per your schedule. So that you can go about your daily routine without losing out on health in the bargain.

  • Recurring sickness:

    Feeling the fever, rashes or pains returning on a regular basis? Turning to ‘Google’ to find out what your symptoms mean will not only give you the wrong diagnosis but also cause acute mental stress. Put all your doubts to ease with a doctor consultation according to your time schedule. The Doctors can also prescribe you required tests that can also be arranged at home. To know further, call +971 564 226 565

  • Get in touch today to get a detailed overview of our services & arrange a home visit. Our dedicated team would visit you at your home in Dubai to assess the patient’s condition. You can also book a one-time visit or go for a consultation package in case of requirement of recurring Doctor visits. To know more, visit