In today’s world, where a hectic life is becoming increasingly common in Dubai, the care of our loved ones can take a backseat. Thankfully, with improved trained personnel & advancement in technology, a good health maintenance and recovery can be ensured with in-home nurse services.

For several families, home health care is an advantageous option – a cost-effective and safe solution that supports families, while helping your loved one to stay in the comfort of his house and communities.

Usually when it comes to Nurse at Home services, we associate it with elderly care. But there are a variety of situations wherein a Nurse at Home service can be availed for the patient in Dubai.

Here are some of them:

  • Home care

    In many situations, the patient does not want to leave the home thus delaying the care. With Ziqitza Gulf Medical Response and Ambulance Services, the patient not only receive care at home but also the Nurse is in regular touch with the Doctors monitoring the vitals and taking necessary measures in medication to ensure patient’s maximum comfort. This type of care is especially a boon for senior citizens.

  • Live-in care

    Sometimes a patient is not in need of medical attention but needs help with their day-to-day activities. Here the patient gets to enjoy the companionship associated with full-time care and family and friends can rest easy knowing their loved one is receiving the full attention of an experienced care professional.

  • Overnight care

    This home Nurse service is for those who are able to attend to their loved ones during the day but need assistance when it comes to overnight care.

    You can ensure a good night’s rest for yourself while the Nurse looks after the patient’s care like visiting the toilet or helping with water. Having an overnight carer can help minimise the risk of falls or accidents throughout the night.

  • Post operative care

    This refers to a person’s rehabilitation post-surgery. This involves day—to-day care, administering medicines & assisting with physiotherapy exercises for quicker recovery.

  • Physical injuries care

    Physical injuries might restrict a person’s movement especially when it comes to the spine. One can go for in-home Nurse care to ensure least stress on the pain-point and the comfort of the patient.

  • Bariatric care

    Bariatric care caters to the needs of people who are severely overweight, which means care plans can be determined by a variety of factors, such as mobility or other health issues associated with obesity. The In-Home Nurse also coordinates with the Doctor/Nutritionist & assists with diet implementations to keep the patient nourished & healthy.

  • Palliative care

    Palliative care is about obeying the wishes and ensuring the physical comfort of the person needing care in their final years and offering support to their family and friends at the same time.

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  • Ziqitza Gulf Medical Response and Ambulance Services brings with it an experience of over 15 years when it comes to health & emergency care. With best-in-class nursing care services, we ensure that patient's health is taken care of by in-home nurse without any compromises.

    With Ziqitza Gulf Medical Response and Ambulance Services you can get access to the best nursing professionals, supported by doctors, providing 24 x 7 nursing care in your own homes. Our team of home care nurse will help the patient rehabilitate faster by providing all necessary medical support through various nursing procedures like tracheostomy, urinary catheterization, wound dressing, injections, IV infusions, vaccination, Oxygen Administration (BiPAP / CPAP / Ventilator) etc; at an affordable cost.

    Get in touch today to get a detailed overview of our services & arrange a home visit. Our dedicated team would visit you at your home in Dubai to assess the patient’s condition & provide an in-home nursing package that suits the patient’s requirement.

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